Our Vision

We help people encounter the love of God!

Live The Gospel

We are called to live the gospel as we see it in the New Testament. We are committed to building and growing the church in a way that is biblical. We want to be pleasing to God, without compromise. We will live the gospel, not compromise it.

Grow The Believer

We are commissioned by Jesus to grow the believer by preaching and teaching the word of God. We are committed to preaching the gospel. Not just any preaching changes lives, but the message of the gospel changes lives. People need to hear the Gospel message of Jesus and we will preach it.

Serve The Destitute

In Matthew 25, Jesus made it clear that as His disciples we are to clothe and feed the poor. Also, we are to visit the sick and imprisoned. Therefore, we are committed to doing just that in the CENLA area streets, hospitals and prisons.

Reach The World

We want to reach the lost and bring them to Jesus. We are committed to supporting world missions and other ministries that are reaching the world. This is why a significant amount of our budget goes to world missions.

Connect The Body

Believers need other believers. We have a responsibility to steward and facilitate believers connecting with other believers. We do this through life groups, family dinner nights, and serving in the church. We believe that relationships in the church are a vital part of your growth as a believer.